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IXICO is pleased to announce that the Cygnus Project Annual Meeting will be held on Friday 6th May 2016 at Manchester City Labs. 

Leading experts in dementia research and clinical care, including Alistair Burns, the National Clinical Director for Dementia, NHS England, will present how the Cygnus project is contributing to advancing the technological, clinical and regulatory agendas for people with the diseases causing dementia.

Recruitment of study participants has commenced into the core study that combines collection of clinical data and self-reported outcomes from up to 500 people with memory loss and their care-givers. Study participants will be recruited when they first present at a memory clinic and will be followed up over a 12 month period. The project is the first implementation of the recently published International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measures (ICHOM) dementia standard dataset and also includes health economic parameters to better understand the resulting costs to the healthcare system and wider society

Two further sub-studies advancing the development of digital healthcare technologies for those with cognitive impairment will commence over the next few months. In the mobile data sub-study, IXICO’s mehealth® technology will be used to collect patient- and carer-reported outcome measures from participants’ home environments.  Participants in the wearable device sub-study will wear a watch that contains accelerometers to collect information on sleep and activity. Both these technologies have the potential to improve the way that future treatments are evaluated and monitored.

Professor Derek Hill, Chief Executive of IXICO, commented:

“Developing better drug and non-drug treatments for the diseases that cause dementia is one of the greatest challenges society faces.  
In this exciting project, we are recruiting and following up participants in a “real world” setting. This will help us better understand how memory problems can impact people’s wider lives, and how we can use digital technologies to better measure how they go about their daily activities. This will ultimately help both to develop new therapies and to monitor the success of currently available treatments and care.  ”


About IXICOIXICO’s innovative and proprietary digital healthcare technologies help those involved in researching and treating serious diseases to capture and analyse clinical data to make rapid, informed decisions.  In clinical research this includes the phenotyping of patients, quantification of disease pathology and measurement of patient outcomes.  In clinical practice the mobile health and digital decision support technologies aid diagnosis, patient engagement and monitoring. IXICO is also collaborating with partners to develop companion digital health products targeted at improving patient outcomes.

The Company’s brain health focus includes Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, behavioural health, child and adolescent mental health.

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About mehealth® 

The mehealth platform integrates web-based and mobile technologies for clinicians, patients and care-givers for use in both clinical care and clinical trial settings. In clinical practice it allows care to be initiated and adapted according to the patients’ unique profile and evolving needs. The software has been used in the care of over 12,000 children with ADHD across the US and has been shown in a randomised trial to improve concordance with clinical guidelines. In clinical trials mehealth enables the collection of data from multiple environments and informants, including the integration of remote monitoring wearables, smartphone applications and patient- and carer-facing web-based portals.

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About the Cygnus Project 

Cygnus is a two year project funded by Innovate UK and brings together four Mental Health Trusts in the North of England, the Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA), IXICO and the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measures (ICHOM). The project is the first implementation of the recently published ICHOM dementia standard dataset.

The Mental Health Trusts and lead investigators participating in the project are:

  • Manchester Health and Social Care Trust / University of Manchester (Dr. Iracema Leroi)
  • Mersey Care (Dr. Deep Majumdar)
  • Tee, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (Dr. Gemma Murphy)
  • Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (Dr. Andrew Byrne)

The project aims to enrol 500 participants: patients referred to Memory Assessment Services at the participant Trusts with suspected dementia and their carers.
Key objectives of the Cygnus study are:

  • To evaluate the feasibility of web-based, mobile and wearable technologies as a means to collect high quality and actionable data from patients and their care givers;
  • Linking these measurements to data about outcomes and episodes of care;
  • To provide a well-characterised population who have consented to contact about future evaluation of technologies and interventions that might benefit patients and carers.

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